During Holy Week, I was able to fix my room up and re-organize some things here and there and a much wider space showed up. See those polaroid photos stuck on the wall? That's what my super good friend Ariana (6weeks.tumblr.com) got me when she went to New York recently! She got these decor frames from Urban Outfitters. That's what she got me after I asked her to get me "something cool."
Looks pretty cool right? HAHA Thank you so much Ariana! Follow her on her tumblr! She blogs about the funniest and mundane things. Got to say that I visit her site every single day. Ariana's just speaks cool. And about the caption that's a quote that reads: "It's not about where you take things from --- it's where you take them to." from Swiss filmmaker Jean Luc Godard. An excerpt from his undying quote of "Nothing is Original." 

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