On the way to Subic, Anton (one of the 5 models I got for this shoot) asked me how I started Fifth Code. And I really hate explaining so I gave out a few reasons which ultimately boils down to "wala lang." Hahah. No, seriously speaking, it was something I had in mind and I wanted it to materialize and so, just like what the Nike ad said, I just did it. Anton then went on to saying that I'm lucky that my parents are really supportive and heck, I couldn't agree more.

For our Anniversary Collection (which by the way is officially on Oct 25, the day I launched Fifth Code) it was an ambitious shoot but again, I knew I had to do it. Hahah. Gathering 5 guys game enough to don the blazers and take some time off to join the shoot in Subic was quite a challenge. Even the team I asked to help me live out the theme of this shoot was tasking enough to form. Lastly, the location which was all the way in Subic Yacht Club seemed to be quite a hassle but was necessary for this and I'm glad I got what I wanted (for this, thank you Tita Marie and Tito Cesar Cruz!). We all met-up at 8am in Trinoma last September 11, 2011 (Yes that's 9/11), a 2 hour drive to the location, shoot lasted for a good 5 hours or so and that was it!! Months and months worth of planning finally executed and now it's time for the thank you's!! 

My mom told me that if you're doing something God wants you to do, you will just be surprised by how He gives you the right people in your life to help you. And so far, I see no way of contesting that claim. Sending my thank you's to Lyka Orhel, Isabelle Dee, Toch Barreiro, Shara Lim, Daniel Velasco, Micco Sollano, Patrick O'Neill, James McDermott and Anton Neric. As well as to those who have been part of Fifth Code in one way or another Victor ManuelRoi Marcial, Esme Palaganas, Pat Nabong, Wency Ang, Lui Sunico, Aldrich Lim, Patty Mendoza,  and Nikki Ruiz! I. CAN. NOT. STRESS. IT. ENOUGH. THANK. YOU. FOR. ALL. THE. HELP. This is pretty much shared success and I'm very grateful that you have all been part of this! 

Happy Anniversary!! :)

[Photos post-processed by: Cedric Cheng]

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