Fifth Code started out like this. Humble and unnoticed. No one really knew what it was all about and if it had what they call staying power. Then we released the second collection succesfully (with the two-toned and military blazer being the top sellers). Then the third collection went out with a bang introducing a very edgy and carefree persona of a Fifth Code client. We also had a shoot with blogger / style icon, the David Guison for the online magazine Stache. A few months went unnoticed since then, until, just this month, Fifth Code finally appeared on the pages of Garage Magazine Oct 2011 issue. It really does feel amazing to see it in Garage which has been a goal of some sort since Day One.

I want to thank everybody who have been helped me and showed their support, all the clients who have had Fifth Code blazer made (you know who you guys are) and lastly to all those who have liked the Facebook page, thank you!!!! Here's to hoping that I never run out of ideas for blazer designs and that all of you will continue to be on your toes for what's next! 

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