[Scans courtesy of Toch Barreiro]

Life can be sweet and it's always a cycle of feeling awesome one day and down the next. Haha. And just when I least expect it, my friend, Toch Barreiro, tweeted me last night that he saw Fifth Code blazers on the pages of GARAGE. I've learned not to expect so as not to be disappointed (again) so it really came as a surprise. When the blazers are pulled out for a shoot, there's always that chance of them not getting used or not making it on the final lay-out of the pages so it's best not to preempt things. I'm extremely happy (insert synonyms) as this comes to me as a validation of some sort! Been reading GARAGE forever and to see my designs on their pages on the same time I launched Fifth Code last year gives me the chills. Timing is everything

Thank you to everyone behind the best men's fashion mag!
And above all else, THANK YOU LORD! :)

Make sure to grab a copy this month and the month after... and so on and so forth! GARAGE is now monthly! 
Lastly, Like Fifth Code on Facebook! :)

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