Unless and until you will complain, I will be milking out the photos from this shoot we did for Fifth Code for future blog entries. Hahah. I'm proud of this team!! Lyka probably took almost close to 4,000 photos just to give you an idea. More candid and outtakes from these cool people! 

Anyway, a fact I'd like to bring up is how every model has credentials to their names already. (1) Daniel Velasco was Candy Cutie of last year and has already done commercials & print ads for Globe & Jollibee. (2) Patrick O'Neill is a soccer player/ model appearing as one of this year's Cosmo Hunks. (3) James McDermott is a Candy Cutie this year and has a currently airing Globe commercial! (4) Micco Sollano is a friend way back in LSGH and he's that kid you used to see playing basketball on those Milo packs. A student athlete as well. Lastly, (5) Anton Neric is also a student model from Ateneo doing ramp and commercial work.

Gathering the 5 of them has been tedious work and I'm glad I didn't have to resort to just picking anybody out due to desperation. Getting them has been a privilege for Fifth Code as well! So thankful that they agreed to be part of the shoot! :)

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