Most of my friends started complaining about how my blog isn't as updated as before. And by that, I really mean...5? Okay, 7 friends!! Haha all of them brought up that they did not like not seeing fresh content on a daily basis and I'm always posting about fashion all the time  that is if I'm not promoting something. And because my friends are my readers I've decided to hear their plea! Hahaha.

I'm a lazy blogger and I'm far more lazy in taking pictures and posting them on my blog. That is why, for the sake of "updating" my blog here are some photos from my iPod Touch. The logic here is that I carry my iPod everywhere with me and by that you are assured that these are bordering private photos I'm sharing with all of you!! Fair enough? GO TAKE A PEEK! (RANDOM PHOTOS, not in order)

I do not look happy. Lunch with Roi and Jamie in Katipunan earlier this year. This was in June, I think.
And I remember being with Patty and Isa grabbing Crave Burger that night.
The talented, the magnificent, the death-defying, Nikki Ruiz!!!! Missing her now that we don't have classes together.
Patches to save the day.
This was my Colrend painting for our Finals. I entitled this "Russell meets Buchog". No joke.
Messy hair and everything else. Esme now sports a short hair. 
Dad's birthday at a restaurant in Malacanang. Hahah legit.
See, I'm the type of person who makes time for friends. Karl and Ryan are my HS buddies!!
Went to our condo in Pico de Loro in Batangas!
Helped out in a styling stint for the now defunct show "Good Vibes" with David Gargollo.
I was tasked to help choose the outfits for Sam Concepcion and Enrique Gil. 
That is all. That went on for hourssss and I got drained. And never went back. Hahah!
The Collective with Yuuri, Eliz and Lexie one random Friday night.
Oh, this was when we, I mean, I accompanied my sister....
to MOA to watch...
Justin Bieber. Hahah. K.
I don't remember what we did but this was in Dunkin Donuts with John, Jet and Ryan. =))
I didn't consume all of it. Promise.
This was when we watched "Babae sa Septic Tank" in CCP! Great, funny, intelligent movie!!
Fashion figure sketching at 3 in the morning.
One of the coolest days when I met BJ Pascual for a shoot! With him, JJ, Amanda and Nathan!
Assisting my way throughout the day
That's Denise and Patty. Talking about how to save global warming. Haha kidding.
These crazy people. Lyka and Cheyser. Can't forget when we went to Izakaya one night. CRAZYYYY
Pasalubong from parents!
Sprinkles Cupcakes!
and the local Sonja's cupcakes. :))
Another shoot with Patrick and JJ!
Karlo's watch.
BB's 18th birthday. With Estela, Levo, Erin, Ariana, AA, Mikka and Luigi! Fun night... for most parts. 
Copies from abroad. Got to love my Tita!
My best pal in this world, Estela!!
One day in Anvaya. Oh, we were touring a visiting relative around. :)
Black Eyed Peas in Manila!! Watched with Ryan, Karl and Roi. Which was funny cause Roi ended up watching alone! hahaha
Biggest shoot ever! Fifth Code in Subic Yacht Club!
This was just two nights ago, Cue does Moulin Rouge! Finally visited LSGH after so many months!

Honestly, not blogging has done me good. I've done way so much more with my time and been to gatherings and events not worrying about how to blog them. I've lived through every minute and everything feels more real. Yes, it reached to a point where I had to attend something just so I could post something but in the end, does it really matter? Hahaha!

Nevertheless, thank you for reading and sticking it out with this lengthy post! Now get off the internet!! :)

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