Before we get down to the blow-by-blow account of our 4 day stay in the wonderful land of Singapura. Let's discuss how this place resembles one big shopping mall. I swear I did not expect this place to be just hoarding all the best clothes. So the here's the lowdown on the stores I got to visit!
Parang sa Rockwell lang.
Wanted to get this but I had to stick to my budget.
Good ol' days I had to style a mannequin for that RSSI Internship last summer. Still fresh on my mind. Haha.
Mob ready forrr....
Didn't get to buy anything because nothing was interesting enough. I was looking for that Versace for H&M jacket Kanye West was sporting but it was out of sight. Oh well, I still think this store is overrated. Hahah.
Thennnn BOOM my favorite store. If there's one store I never miss it's Uniqlo. Best store for basics!!
And I never leave without buying one perfect pair. (My sister went mad and got 4 pairs. Power of persuasion nga naman)
Didn't go inside because madami naman yan dito hahah
Coolest store I got to discover. There was one store which was purely menswear. How dope was that!!
Forever 21 had not 2, not 3 but 4 freaking floors. It was crazy. Just how many items could they possibly sell =)))).
The end.

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