...So the back story. Initially wanted to have a party but then I had one last year. Then it crossed my mind to just give back to charity but I plan that for when I'm more stable in life. And so finally, my mom suggested if I wanted to travel to Singapore and the answer was obvious --- duh. Packed my bags I did then left last Dec. 23 and arrived the same day! It was my first time as well as for my sister. Dad's second time and my mom's uhhh 8th time. She was our tour guide for the whole trip. How cost efficient. Hahah.
Sorry for being such a tourist but I got fascinated when I saw him bill the fare straight to the credit card.
If Singapore has that edge against the Philippines....
it would be the stellar, magnificent, awe-inspiring...
architecture and designs they have across this lively city.
Not to mention the cleanliness of their surroundings.
Backdrop is the Marina Bay Sands hotel
Yeahp yeahp suited up for my birthday
My parents' Singaporean friends plus their kids =))
Late night shopping at Orchard Road
I also envy their public transport system which was highly organized and efficient. No time was wasted, nobody shoved to the sidelines and it was the most hassle-free commute I ever had. I really wouldn't mind taking the MRT or LRT any day just as long as it's the same as with Singapore. It's was a beautiful journey in that train. Haha kidding aside, I'm serious. 

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