Clueless about the brand "ENERGIE" I decided to pay the store a visit in Robinson's Manila last January 5, 2012. (I got really busy so here I am making up for it) Apparently, ENERGIE has been around way before than we might have thought of. They're immensely known for their denim which is under continuous innovation under the label and this graduated on to other items such as shoes, underwear, eyewear, eventually becoming a fashion retail brand. The label is quite a throwback to the retro and vintage american wear but with their modern, slimmer and impeccable designs there's no surprise that what they sell are essential wardrobe staples you just got to own!

I found a pair of jeans I really really liked but unfortunately I don't have a photo of myself wearing it just cause my camera is still under repair! Lucky for me I managed to retrieve these shots! :) Will post a look of myself wearing ENERGIE jeans soon.

Try to drop by and see for yourself just what this new and exciting store has to offer!
Visit them in Robinson's Manila the soonest that you can! :)

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Anonymous said...

How much is the price range in energie? for pants and shirts? :)

Molly Poole said...

I love denim pants. Yes they never fade. Never outdated. That's why when I shop, I make sure to pick them rather than shorts or skirts.

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