This always happens to me when I get to see a movie, I get incredibly engrossed in it. So much so that I read every tidbit I get out of it in Wikipedia and I get really into it like a damn research project. I first saw "The Breakfast Club" 2 years ago from my friend, Ryan's DVD set of 80's movies. And yes, I even made a blog post out of it. Then suddenly I found the files of "Sixteen Candles" and "Pretty In Pink" in my hard drive from Toch so I spent the past few weeks watching them on my iPod during my spare time. 

I finally finished both movies and the 80's I must say is one heck of a decade! I love John Hughes. I love the way he tells stories and it's these movies that can be so inspiring. One of the best things about it is that how it is pretty much relevant until now! You know what I mean? It's crazy that after 20 years or so that it was made, it's still being watched and talked about. 

Upon watching the movie and realizing that they are representing the 80's youth and they are probably not in their prime anymore I decided to search and find photos, do a little before and after comparison and ask WHERE ARE THEY NOW???

He also starred in other John Hughes' films such as The Breakfast Club and Weird Science. Oh and I also saw his movie as Bill Gates in "Pirates of the Silicon Valley" in one of my classes. He's still active and last show he did was The Dead Zone and guest starred in Community. He was the geeky Ted in Sixteen Candles.

The illustrious Jake Ryan of Sixteen Candles. He was the quintessential dream guy for Samantha Baker in the movie and he also started out as a fashion model did you know? Not since Sixteen Candles has he had other prominent roles and has lived on to oblivion not having any recent pictures of him surface. 

John Hughes' muse! 2 of his movies were written with her in mind I believe and she's considered as the greatest teen actress ever. Having that status sure is daunting as the public has never moved on from her teenybopper persona. She appears to be successful and relevant up until now and stars as Shailene Woodley's mother in "The Secret Life of the American Teenager". How convenient!
A few  drinking problems here and there but he's made a great crossover from big screen to small screen over the past few years starring in TV shows as either its director or the actor. Recently he has directed episodes of Gossip Girl and yeah, there's nothing much to say about him either. He was Andie Walsh's (Molly Ringwald's character) love interest in Pretty in Pink.
Philip "Duckie" Dale might be his first defining role in Pretty in Pink but he's managed to be on television and survive the turmoil of being dormant by starring in "Two and a Half-men". A highly successful show having 9 seasons to date. He's the stylish and eccentric admirer of Andie in the movie and he's gotten so far from doing that.

Watching these movies made me feel like being young is the best time of one's life but then this phase doesn't last. Being a teenager doesn't last and the concept of Forever Young is bogus. So just when you thought you'd always be this eager, this budding and this pumped up with life... you grow up and suddenly your good looks, popularity and status have passed you by. You consider what you have and will leave behind because after all that's what's important. You can only then hope that you'd remain relevant and an icon just like these movies.

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