Yesterday was like living a scene out of a movie where friends would visit another who has been ill in the hospital. (For sure you’ve seen some!) This week that just ended would’ve been coming back to school for all of us after the Christmas Break. However, two of our classmates have been confined; one of them being able to come to school yesterday.

Karl, Roi, Victor, Jubby, Migi, Joseph, Ian and I visited Gregg in the hospital, checking up on how he is doing from his dengue condition. He looked visibly pale and weak from the Gregg we have been used to of seeing!!! During normal school days we would see him presiding over the class, talking to classmates and running errands for the teachers. He can't help it...he's in demand!

But seriously though...putting myself in his shoes would mean giving up but when friends come over to cheer you up, provide laughs and telling you how much they’d like for you to join the fun again...would make a world of a difference in knowing that people care about your well-being and ,uh, that's just what we did for Gregg! >:D<
UPDATE: He's okay na pala. Haha. ;)

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