Lawmakers read my blog and decided to take action.

(That’s what I want to hear. Make your own blog!)

Lawmakers who are well-known leftists are passing a resolution to investigate why the hell pink was used by the MMDA and if they had the authority to do so. They argue that the pink signs and structures “offend the senses” and are “eyesores.” It is further supported by the Vienna Convention on Road Signs and Signals that white,
yellow, red, black, blue, green, orange and gray are the colors internationally accepted. MMDA Chairman Bayani Fernando defends his favourite color as adding color to the “drab” environment. REALLY.

It would be really expensive to repaint everything to my favourite color, blue, so I’d scratch that suggestion. HAHA! The question that haunts me since timely memorial (:D) has always been:
“Why PINK?”

The article provides the history of this as told in the words of the great Bayani Fernando:

I used the color green when I was Mayor of Marikina. The pink evolved when the World Health organization designated Marikina as outstanding healthy city. So we I came up with a motto: ‘Marikina, the City in the Pink if Health,’ he says. “It’s the same thing we I want for Metro Manila.” He welcomes the investigation to explain fully HIS color preference. Marikina Shmakina.

If you are not dumb you get it that the use of pink is HIS CHOICE. His quote should have read,
“I am the MMDA Chairman. I make rules. I like pink. Let’s use pink. Hot pink to be exact!” This person clearly didn’t bother to have a survey because if he did I doubt it that pink would be among the popular choices.

So my resolution?
Retain the use of pink as the color of the structures and road signs but remove Bayani Fernando from office and make him wear pink for the rest of his life. PINK LOVER tsss.

[Source: PDI, 01/05/09]

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