Katerrbug is back in town :))

This is Miss Kate. She's smart, eloquent, single and veryyy available. :))))) HAHA. Just joking Ms. Kate! You know that the only reason why I can talk about you like this is because you're no longer my teacher and we're more of friends already. =)))) BUT duh, I have the biggest respect for you and you know that! :D Miss Kate's back from her 2 year stint as a teacher in Japan. \:D/ She's one of my dearest teachers who I still have constant communication with even if we're out of the four corners of a classroom now. She seriously does make me feel loved whenever she comments to my posts and I'm always grateful that she has become like an aunt who spoils me with little gifts everytime. Okaaay, so maybe you're just like an older sister, peace! :))) :-"

John, Emil, Migi, Roi, Reii, Bjorn and I went to McDo to meet-up with her and we're thrilled by the fact that things do still go back to how they used to be even if distance and time is involved. :)) Nothing's changed with Ms. Kate I swear... well, except for the peace sign she keeps on doing. =))))))) JK.

Jet and Ryan should have been in this picture. Fine, you too Victor. :))))

We went mall hopping! From Galleria we went to Megamall and then to Trinoma. =))))) And look...for once I didn't feel guilty to buy Archie Comics. =)))

Lesson for the day: Never force your feet into uncomfortable footwear. Even if they are an awesome pair of vintage loafers from your grandfather.


Vic said...

"Fine, you too Victor"

Napilitan? =))))))

lyka orhel said...

GO to this store thing sa GALLE! they have lots of Archie Comics there! cheap pa!

Lorenz said...

@Victor: di naman ;))

@Lyka: Which storeee =)))))

auntie kate said...

i think:
a. reiichiro is so tall and acts like an adolescent now:)
b. it was my first time ever to have a conversation with emil :))
c. john is demure as ever! :)
d. migi appears more easygoing now
e. bjorn looks happier :)
f. roi is the same! :))
g. lorenz, i admit i can't do without flashing
the V sign everytime :)) i got this habit from my japanese students, i feel incomplete if I don't do it...hahaha:) mall-hopping was fun, kwento uli next time :))

Jet said...

missed this :(

Lorenz said...

@Miss Kate: MISSED YOU >:D< HAHAHA!!! Observations mo are very on the dot. HAHAH. Congrats. :| :)))


karl said...


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