"Frosh with a bang"

Small talks I remember :))

Professor: (talks about feminism and then asks) "For the guys, do you offer your seats when you see a female standing in the MRT for example?"
Lorenz: Uhhm... depende... if she's an elderly woman or if she's pregnant then I'll make her take my seat but if I see na kaya naman niyang tumayo and she's able... Pantay-pantay lang no. @-) =))))))

You have to understand that I go from end to end when I ride the MRT so I can't afford not to sit down. :-"

(Sees Esme eating)
Computer clerk: "Miss, paalala lang po next time bawal po kumain sa loob ng computer lab..."
Esme: "Sige po. NEXT TIME. (Continues eating....)"
Computer clerk: (frustrated) :-L :-L

Diva behavior. =)))))))) HAHAH


Esme said...

Leche, I look so bad.

It's; "Sige po, next time" *smiles and continues eating* :)))) :|

Lorenz said...

=))))) mas marami ka pang diva moments =))))

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