School of Fashion and the Arts

(Photos from Bjorn and Lyka)

One day I felt the need to check theSDAproject's gmail account to see if there was anything interesting and to my surprise there was! I saw an email inviting us (Bjorn, Esme, Lyka and I as part of theSDAproject) to attend a sort of gathering wherein for just a day we'd get to feel how it is to be a student in SoFA!
We had a great time getting familiar with their programs, meeting fellow bloggers, sitting in one of their classes and being graced by the presence of Ms. Nela San Jose and Ms. Amina Aranaz- Alunan who are part of their esteemed faculty. :) SoFA submerges their students with what they are getting into at once, skipping the whole retaking of general subjects and I guess that's what I liked about their set-up. It was very nice to be there especially since I was able to watch their Graduation Show at SMX last Philippine Fashion Week. To be where all the creativity of those designers are harnessed and honed is very inspiring. :)

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