All These Familiar Faces

Cause you see I wasn't exaggerating. Familiar people!!!
No, not these two
Sassa!! :"> Or should I say Melissa. :) (
Raymond :D (
Man of the Moment: David Guison ( SO LEGIT. B-)
Fan signed by Ronan, the photog. HAHA. I just helped create looks didn't "style-style". Do I make sense. No.
Daniel made three appearances. Sige lang. Ikaw na. Sorry na. (
JECH "the boss" TIU. ( I see "Band of Outsiders" in your style inspiration. *HIGH FIVE!!!*
FONS :D He bought a blazer from Fifth Code! :-bd (
Club promoter GABE :D (


Jech said...

I never noticed that my name was mispelled? HAHA! Oh well. Super thanks, Loren! You made it all happen! :D

Lorenz said...

HAHAH now you mispelled my name! =))Kulang yung letter eh. "JEH TIU" haha oh well that's irrelevant now. HAHA. Nooo it's all you!! CONGRATS JECH! :>

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