Field Day

Please appreciate the times I blog using my own photos. I don't use my G11 that much cause I like taking pictures using other people's cameras. Haha. It's not as easy as you think and I'm blogging this at 2:33 in the morning. Anyway, every Wednesday I only have an 8-10am class and I'm done for the day. Was supposed to meet a client in Podium but went to my mom's office in Ortigas to kill time instead and planned to go to Ateneo for an exhibit of Information Design students. Am never the one to pass up the chance to visit Ateneo to see my bestfriends Karl, Ryan and Estela! =)) So here's how it went......
Got myself a copy of Garage Feb-Mar 2011. So many people I know are featured inside. Will have a separate blog post for this. GO GRAB A COPY NOW! Fully Booked in The Fort has the best magazine area. :))
How come you guys never visit me in Taft? :-L Life is unfair and always has been. :-L
Estela, Levo, Ariana, April, Anina and Ryan at Flaming Wings. =)) (I want to sleep)
Valentine Couple #1
Alexa, Anj and Ryan. =)) (I'm really sleepy.......)
Made a fangirl out of Tara when I showed her "her" Daniel Velasco inside Garage. (Valentine Couple #2) Haha. She was off to her PE Class when I called out her name to say Hi. I'm shy around her. =))
Remember Tara? She was Nikki's model for her shoot. Haha. I'm not worthy. =)) (inside joke)
Equally surprised to see Andrew visiting Anj (Valentine Couple #3) here with Vinny!!
Haven't used the internet for daysssss so I made the time to catch up. #internetslave
Red was the color of the day. Here with Karl! Only the smartest person I know.
Saw MJ Benitez of StreetManila!! So friendly! One of the limited blogs I follow. :D
Jelo Andres. He has no blog. It's okay. =))))))))) hahaha jk
TIME FOR THE EXHIBIT. Meet Bea Benedicto. She's a Senior in Ateneo taking up Information Design. She asked me to go to the exhibit and check out her thesis work!! :)
For her thesis, she thought of having a manual for young guys that would be a complete guide for them in terms of grooming, style, attitude and everything in between. You think it's easy as a cake? It's a very well thought of work that's a year in the making. @__@ Talk about hard work.
She made everything since this was an individual project. Gah, I got stressed for her when I learned about it. She relayed to me how she never even got to enjoy Christmas for this and basically went invisible to the world. =)) Haha. Well, at least she's done right? Thing I hate about the whole thing though is that BFA ID never teaches their students how to use Photoshop. :(( I can't think of a great analogy but I think that's really lame. :|
Other booths in the exhibit:
Proving that anybody can be creative by jazzing up a white shirt!
Read this in her blog and this is Tin Iglesias' work for DIY or DIE.
This is Elisa Aquino's for DIY or DIE.
Another thesis was devoted to making great visuals for a classic read that's Ibong Adarna! Great Idea!
BFA ID students...I think. Maybe some of them. =))
Me and Ryan with the nicest couple around Jech and Bea! (Valentine Couple #4) :)))) Jech also is currently featured in Garage this month!! :D
Some student also made a new font for his thesis. :) You could check out the exhibit till Friday and it's open for the public. Bea will have her talk today at 6pm at Gonzaga Theather in Ateneo. :) A lot of my friends, myself included, were supposed to take up Information Design just cause it's one of the newer courses offered and it was endorsed as "blurring the lines in graphic design, advertising and marketing..." I mean, who wouldn't want that right? BUT things I've been hearing from students who took this course aren't exactly raves but more of vents. =)))))))
Left Ateneo around 6 by taking the LRT 2 to Recto and transfer to Doroteo Jose to Vito Cruz. #commuterslife. That's Chik, Pia, Ryan, Deric, Lyka and Tine at KFC and I WAS DONE FOR THE DAY. Found out the internet in the dorm got fixed and blogged about today. GREAT.


Jech said...

You should drop by Ateneo more often! Or at least, before Bea and I graduate :( Salamat sa autograph! bahaha! It'll be worth a lot one day when you're all famous with your blazer/clothing line!

dana canicosa said...

Hi Lorenz! Are you talking about the KFC in Taft? The one located at the University Mall? :)

Lorenz said...

@Jech: HAHAHAH Will blog about you in Garage!!! :D Wait for it!

@Dana: YEAH :> It reopened late last year ? :>

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