Day of my birthday!!! Okay it's not that big of a deal anymore when you're 19. I hope somebody warned me it will just be yet another day. (emo) Hahaha although I spent it in Universal Studios. I thought it was a lame idea but I was wrong, had fun way more than I expected. Sentosa's like this really big island which was  developed for commercial use and it's vastness was unbelievable.
Yeahp we didn't pass on the kiddie rides. Hahaha.
Canopy Flyer. I blame this for leaving me nauseous all throughout the day. #NeverAgain 
One thing I believe is true is that if you're a girl you look like your dad.
And you look like your mom if you're a guy. Any takers on this theory? I should be a biologist.
Me being nauseous. 
Probably the only time I've waited for something in my life FOR SO LONG. STOOD IN LINE FOR...
FOR 2 freaking HOURS. It was inhumane but it was well worth it. I think experiencing this was the highlight of our trip and it was NOT anything like I've ever experienced before. It just makes you think just how far mankind has gone with technology. A+++++ 
Singapore's biggest mall! Vivo City still in Sentosa Island.
We take the train, ride the cab and hop on a bus. Busy being average commuters in Singapore.
When we got to the hotel we just had room service and chatted up with each other. Didn't imagine my birthday to be that short but rad!

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