Started the day by hearing mass. My mom was freaking out that we just have to hear mass because it's Christmas day. I like it about her that's she's very close to God. :) Both her and my dad actually pray the rosary everyday. I wonder if anyone in this generation will still do that by the time we grow old.
Went back to Sentosa but in another part of the island just to see what was happening in Imbiah Station.
Went back to our hotel cause nothing was that exciting up there.
Night time. This structure was particularly cool and caught my eye because it's laced with hundreds of square tin sheets that were moving along with the gust of the wind. It resembled the waves in the ocean! Quickly fascinated by these things.
Marina Bay Sands up close at night. This building is becoming Singapore's newest iconic landmark. As if there aren't plenty already. Haha
Inside the shoppes at marina bay sands.
Had time to spare so we went to the Titanic Artifact Exhibit in the Arts & Sciences Museum. They were celebrating the 100 years since Titanic was made!! Legendary.
Legitimate items found in the wreckage of Titanic under the Artic Ocean. Preserved and creepy when you come to think of it. The owners of these items died inside the doomed ship. 
Funny quip at the comments booklet.
Had dinner at HY California
Strolled around Marina Bay and gawked at all of the lights... Hahaha

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