Begin Anywhere

Allow me to be vain for once and I'm sorry if I look drunk. (Or maybe I am? :-O Lol JK. I just haven't had enough sleep. :|) HAHA. This is the first time I'm ever doing the whole post-what-you-are-wearing blog concept but this is an exemption (!!!!) and you'll find out as you read along. :D Jamie and I were telling each other to have Lookbook accounts already but meh, both of us agreed that being told straight to your face that you wore an outfit more than once, would just cause us unnecessary stress since we do recycle clothes all the time. =))))
Thrifted Zara Blazer, DIY Zebra Shirt, DIY Distressed Pants, Pin from Crazy Eddie's @ the Collective.

I'm feeling quite proud with this one because everything was reworked by me. I was the one who distressed my jeans. I hand painted the Zebra print on my white shirt. And the blazer? I wish I was the one who made it but actually it is my first purchase from an ukay-ukay! :D My blockmates and I went to Bambang the last time and there was this huge warehouse selling secondhand clothes and I was lucky enough to spot this blazer from Zara! :)))) I asked our neighboring tailoring shop to alter it for me. After that it went through the laundry so many times. =)))) The point of this post is that... a little resourcefulness goes a long way so just begin anywhere! :D

HIIII I've never shared this in my blog but I got the Dean and Trent internship position a week ago! :D I would be a work-at-home intern for them which would basically require me to be online all the time and check my emails regularly. But from time to time, I hope, I get to hang around their office and blog about the entire experience. :)))) Thanks Sir Rick! :)


Jamie said...

omg weird coincidence =)) I was just looking at lookbook :)))))))))))
anyway so much for friday night :-L di ka online -_- tss :))
catch you tomorrow? :)

Lorenz said...

@Jamie: I was online for two hours or so tas I logged out na. I had to catch up on my sleep because I'm getting sick. =))) YEAH. Catch you online later :D

kate said...

yey! and i've seen the store at trinoma:)
and the blazer looks's to more great
ukay finds.. :)

Lorenz said...

@Miss Kate: Totally! :D I'm becoming more open to the idea of buying more stuff in ukay-ukay. =))

April said...

Congrats on your internship, Lo! And for the record, yes you do look drunk =)))) Look lang naman, hahahaha.

Anonymous said...

lorenz,how much you got it?? It suits yoou

Lorenz said...

@April: :)))) THANKS APRIL! :D hahaha. malay mo in real life din. HAHA.

@Anonymous: the suit suits me WUU =))) I got it for 700 :D hahaha

anton belardo said...

hey there
you have a really fun and interesting blog
love the sketches

kisses A.

Esme said...

Oo nga April, malay mo in real life. Malay mo lang. =)))))

FOCUS ON DEAN AND TRENT KASI MUNA. Oo na, safe na life mo. :))

Lorenz said...

@Anton: Thanks anton! I saw your blog and I lke your sketches too. Thanks for dropping by!

@Esme: SAFE DI KAYA =)))

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